8:26 PM

After a thousand times of contemplating about whether or not I'll be transferring to another platform, I am finally here; back again to where I resided 4 years ago. My stay here then didn't really last since I discovered this booming blogging platform - Tumblr.

I started a reblog blog and time flew, personal blogging has shown its wonder to me. I tried personal blogging during the Multiply era but it is more of a Diary of a Wimpy Kid kind of blog. That's also what happened when I've been here in blogger. Serious personal blogging didn't happen when I had my first Tumblr, instead, it acted as a nook for all my cheese balls and immature musings as a 'girlfriend'. But alas! It's as if I found the entrance to proper blogging so eventually I started anew.
After 4 wonderful years, here I am again, thirsty for something new, awaiting for pristine adventures to unfold.

But this time will be different. This time, there will be no more sugarcoating. I branded 2014 as the year of the brave because the last was goodbyes. 'Brave' is the word I used for I know there will be a lot of transitions to face, a lot of things unknown.

But only now did I realize that this year will not be the only year of the brave but in every single moments of my life.

Hence, I am having this clean slate. May this blog be the reminder to always face everything - adventures, mishaps and everything in between - with a lion-heart. May I inspire others to end their existence as being just ordinary ones. Instead, try at least little by little to be extraordinary. This blog is here to remind us to go out of that freaking comfort zone that we are all afraid to leave, that we can be better and that our voice matters.

Here's to becoming a courageous individual, to becoming a lion-hearted one.

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