5:04 AM

I always love city lights. I am totally swooned whenever I see yellow lights up above the city or just simple ones from the posts in subdivisions. So imagine how ecstatic I am when Ayala Triangle Gardens announced their newest Christmas attraction.

It was years and years of planning to visit the Lights and Sound show but only this year we were able to do so.

I went with Tee and Grace but Tee had to go early since his boyfriend was waiting for her to be home. (Woot! Perks of being a single. *wink*) 

The fun was just the same though it's just Grace and I. We can't stop but take pictures of course! It was maddeningly beautiful, my heart was so full. 

Not only did the lights made the place sparkle but also the overflowing love everywhere. Christmas in the Philippines is indeed incomparable. 

The beauty and happiness of every families, bunch of friends and lovers there truly emphasizes the meaning of what Christmas is all about. 

The place was full of laughters, smiles and the products of abundant hearts.

Today, December 25th, God has bring forth His indescribable gift for humanity and I cannot be anymore thankful. It surmounts the earthly presents one can receive. So beloved, let us enjoy that gift that was given to us.

No matter how you spent your Christmas, I hope it was filled with love brought by the persons who occupy the space in your hearts. I hope it's full of contentment and of peace knowing that Jesus has been born and the knowledge that He is forever with us.

I hope it's not too late to greet you all a merry, merry Christmas! Enjoy God's indescribable gift. God bless you all! :-)

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