It was one of those moments that you can't say no because they said the word "treat" and of course, it was the special da...

It was one of those moments that you can't say no because they said the word "treat" and of course, it was the special day of a one special friend. 

After an unexpected long time of waiting, I finally got to see some of my girlfriends plus Hesi's new boyfriend, Ryan. At almost 4:30, we headed to the place where Ryan will treat each of us in celebration of Hesi's boyfriend.  Our supposed to be lunch turned out to be a merienda-slash-early dinner. 

Because of our grumbling stomachs, none of us bothered to take a picture of our sumptuous orders — dumplings, congee, chicken feet and other foods that are names now slipped from my memory (only their tastes remains). 

The jokes that no one else can deliver best but Grace and Hesi, the never ending fandom moments with Twinny, and of course, getting to know Ryan more. Hence, our meal was mixed with so much stories and laughters. Indeed, nothing beats good food and good company. 

It just doesn't feel so right to bid goodbyes after eating at Wai Ying. So we decided to visit the new cafe that's creating so much buzz to the U-Belt students. Paying Amo Yami Crib a visit made us want to go back to school so that we can hang out there every day. 

We were lucky enough to catch a spot (without lining up!) because one of the staffs noticed that we're waiting for too long already so she let us occupy the empty crib.

The space of the cafe is somehow small so it's fascinating how they maximized the space by making the concept of "cribs". Aside from the place itself, the now popular mason jars are one of their main attractions. 

Of course, we didn't left the place without spreading our hilarious laughters and nonstop stories. In addition to the fun, we bombarded Ryan with questions about how and why he courted Hesi and all the queries that the friends ask their friend's new boyfriend. Our crib was filled with cheese not only from the nachos but from the couple! 

As a birthday gift, Twinny and I decided to buy Hesi an Oreo cheesecake. Too bad there's no candle available so we opted to order their "potted" Sunflower Oreo cheesecake. 

We parted ways and though I ended up standing in the bus that night, I didn't regret every single moment that I spent with them. Amazing, such an amazing people they are. 

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