1:30 AM

2014: the year of greatness, stillness and everything in between. the year of hardships and marching to victory. of reuniting with the sand and the sea. the year of hugs, kisses and see you soons. the year of confusions and questions. of whys and where. the year of growth in spite of being still. the year of mending, of sending forgiveness and of closing a chapter. the year of overflowing opportunities and of declining each one of them. the year of twisted decisions, choices and favorable results. the year of self-discovery, of digging deeper. the year of appreciating oneself and realizing that you are your own person. the year of new faces and turning them to friends. the year of singing songs. the happy ones. the year of unboxing old stuffs and getting rid of them. the year of visiting an old friend and learning about her again and again. the year of affirmations and hearing and seeing the word “proud” a thousand times over. the year of missing someone and the end  of missing them. the year of bravery. of being a lionhearted. of conquering every lemons life’s throwing. the year of deeper faith and unconditional love. the year of pleasure and hitting the bottom afterwards. the year of humility and humanity. the year of being at the present and looking forward all at once. the year of never ending gratitude. the year of hoping that the next will be much better. to the year of greatness, of stillness and everything in between, adieu.

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