Catch-up Weekend

Hello. One word is all I can mutter after slumping into oblivion. Things have been pretty peachy here in my side of the world. A lot of...


One word is all I can mutter after slumping into oblivion. Things have been pretty peachy here in my side of the world. A lot of amazing things had happened and I don't know if I just decided to be selfish and to keep them to myself or words has fully abandoned me. Hence, the reason of inactivity. Oh, work is a major part too.

But here I am once again, claiming the right to be called a 'blogger' and ready to share what I've been up to recently. Aside from drowning myself with words and readings, watching korean dramas (Yup, something new. I'm into it now. But I only watch those where my crushes are in.) and movies, eating and gaining so much weight, the past months were spent catching up with my dear friends whom I missed the most. 


Flashback to December last year, my circle of friends planned a pre-Christmas party. Supposedly it will be held in a hotel but it got cancelled due to unexpected plans. But we still pushed it through, only this time, just the four of us and not in a hotel. 

After a decade of deciding where to eat, we finally settled to this sort of Japanese restaurant and ordered not Japanese food but Italian. (I know, I know) Stuffed ourselves not only with foods but with updates about each other. 

We also checked out Satchmi after a long time of just passing by it. Twinny and I freaked out with the vinyls on sale and cried our hearts out because we don't have a turntable; making our vinyl purchase useless. (And we don't have bucks yet to buy a turntable. Pity.)

Ended our meet up with nothing but pictures. We found ourselves posing in the mall's fire exit area and even had the guard take photos of us. 


Valentine's Day 2015. Who says singles must bawl their eyes out because they don't have a date? One of the proudest moments of my life is when unlike the others, I don't care if I'm single in Valentines and I don't have a 'guy' with me. Because who needs a guy when you have your bestie as a date?

Headed to Eastwood with Twinny and tried Project Pie. To say that their pizza is awesome is an understatement. Both of us loved the fireworks feeling in our mouths when we tried their Strawberry Mango Nutella pizza. IT. (WAS) IS. THE. BEST.

Of course, we filled each other with what's going on with our lives. We roamed around the area after and even tried to watch a movie but then the next schedule will be too late so we scratched it. Nevertheless, my Valentines Day was sweet unlike the other bitter gourds.

Out of the blue, we just missed each other and planned out for a dinner date last February. What's awesome in this meet up was that we were almost complete! Only three girls and we're back together completely once again. Well, as what others say it's too hard to plan with everyone's working schedule. *sad face*

The night was filled of burritos (I did eat even I'm  not a fan), laughter that occupied almost the whole place and of course, still, the never ending stories. 

It's amazing that even though we are already out of college and barely seeing each other, we still make sure that we let our meet ups chip in our tight schedules. 

It's so hard to find people whom you can consider your 'person(s)' and I'm glad I found my way to them. ♥ 


Other things that I'm up to when I'm away... hanging out and getting to know my workmates more, movie dates with Twinny, my 21st birthday and a Tagaytay trip prior to that and I got invited to be a guest speaker in my alma matter's graduation! Everything's peachy here in my side of the world and I hope in yours too. 

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