2:53 AM

CAPONES ISLAND, ZAMBALES CITY, PHILIPPINES — Disheveled hair due to the sea breeze, the sound of the waves as if cradling us to sleep and the sun beaming so brightly. It is the start of an unforgettable weekend — a weekend of gratifying achievements.

Through the calm ocean, we made our way to Capones Island, the island that's beauty stand out despite of ruins. A few feet away is the view of the lighthouse standing proudly in the sunshine and after a rather complicated sea parking, we conquered the rocky shore to witness the majestic beauty with our two eyes. The heat is tangible, filling our lungs, settling on our skin like a gentle kiss. We bask in the warmth, not minding the sweat and the height that we need to climb and enjoyed the carefree moments that the time of life holds.

Step by step we brave the scorching sun to reach the top. We were rewarded by beautiful landscape and photo ops by the cliff. 

We have another climb to do and this time; we  rummaged through the trees and bushes to finally see the main attraction in the island. 

After some photo ops and bugging from our sorta fainthearted friends, we decided to descend the tower and back to the boat and conquered the rocky shore yet again.

Next thing we knew, we were traveling in the sea for almost 2 hours heading to Nagsasa Cove.

credits to Twinny for my solo picture, 1,3 and 4th pictures before the end. 

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