If there's a blogger awards, I'm pretty sure that I'd bag the "inconsistent blogger" award. Aside from being such...

If there's a blogger awards, I'm pretty sure that I'd bag the "inconsistent blogger" award. Aside from being such a busy bee, my free time were mostly spent  by reading books and watching Korean dramas that blogging (and everything that comes with it) appears to be unappealing to me. It's funny that I still find myself typing here and sharing instead of just deactivating. Blogging and I has such a  tiring love-hate relationship. 

Now, let me share with you the recent trip that I've been to with my girlfriends. 

PUNDAQUIT, ZAMBALES, PHILIPPINES — Middle of April when we scored a voucher for Nagsasa Cove Zambales. The planning of the trip was so much hassle because of our unparalleled schedules and the headache the travel agency — RS Travel and Tours — had given us. (from numerous unanswered calls to uncoordinated and not accommodating  personnel) 

Straight from the office with our heavy bags on hand, we dove into yet another adventure. After conquering the hassle with the agency, we faced yet another circumstance. The buses bound to Olongapo (Direct buses to Zambales are unavailable until 5am.) were fully booked so we had no choice but to be chance passengers and chance was given to us indeed. An hour later, we found ourselves standing in the bus' aisle and contemplating as to how long will our feet can stand. Moments passed and our feet retired and we managed to sit down. Later stools were given, couple of passengers alight one by one in San Fernando and we arrived in Olongapo.

We rode another bus to Sta. Cruz, Zambales and arrived there earlier than we're expecting. 4 am, in the morning, in front of the town's municipal hall; we devoured a coffee and Pandesal from the nearby bakery. Next thing we did was to buy supplies and foods in the market at the back of the hall.

We reached the place earlier than our travel-agency-set-itinerary-that-we-aren't-informed-of, so we did a lot of waiting. By 7 am, we hailed a tricycle on our own and to Pundaquit we went.

My girls and I did a lot of waiting. We were told that our boat will leave at 9 am. So we stayed at a local's place by the beach and took tons of photos.

When the waiting was finally over, we hopped on our boat together with the other passengers and we were taken to a weekend that we will treasure forever... a weekend where unknowingly, we will be able to tick off things that are in our imaginary bucket list. 

First up...

Capones Island.

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