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The Philippines, had once again, celebrated the day of Independence. It's been 117 years since the day that our heroes sacrificed their lives to claim the hard-fought independence of our country. Thanks to them, we've been free of the hands of the Spanish, Japanese and American colony.

To honor the day of the Philippines' independence, Denise and I seized the opportunity of it being a holiday by going to Luneta Park and Intramuros for a photowalk. With our inappropriate outfits and cameras on hand, we basked the golden sun and dehydrating heat to witness the day's festivities.

We were welcomed by things and activities that shouts Pinoy and to our amazement, we even joined in the fun (e.g photo ops with a man dressed as Jose Rizal, army tank and enjoyed ourselves with the performance of the marching band)

We also took advantage of the park's free admission!!

The last time we went here, the condominium at the back of the monument is still nonexistent. Now, you must find a way and must figure out the right angle to capture it without the condominium ruining it in the background. 

After spending our time at Luneta, we hailed a cab to bring us to Fort Santiago. I've been in Intramuros for a couple of times already but yesterday was the first time I visited Fort Santiago as an adult. Last time I was there was way back 1st year high school when we were on our field trip. How quickly time flies.

Yesterday, I tried to catch up with the things that speaks history. I brush up my knowledge about Rizal, our national hero by viewing his belongings and reading infos and trivias about him (and even by seeing his vertebra!)

After roaming around the whole area, we stayed in the picnic area to cool off and have some snacks. Moments later, we hailed a cab again to SM Manila, took our late lunch and decided to call it a day.

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