Reminiscing Nagsasa

Summer passed by just like any other months. It was just like a blink of an eye, an ephemeral season. Now the rain will come together...

Summer passed by just like any other months. It was just like a blink of an eye, an ephemeral season. Now the rain will come together with the cold that will get into your bones and wind that will cradle you to sleep until in your dreams.

Summer passed by just like any other months, but all I want to do is to click rewind so I can be back to the arms of the mountains, to the embrace of the waves of the ocean and to the kisses of the warm air.

I'm currently sitting here in my office cubicle, imagining the sun has settled in my skin instead of the chill that's creeping in.

I'm currently sitting here in my office cubicle, envisioning that I am facing the vast sea instead of my laptop and recruitment works.

I'm currently here, sitting and hearing the clicking of the keyboards and hi's and hellos to the clients, when I am craving were the sounds of the birds chirping, waves of the ocean and laughters.

I still can't believe it's been 2 months since we packed our bags, been a chance passengers and made our way to Zambales. Time sure did soar fast.

Flash back to April 2015 where we went basic, lived primitively and dug all of the things we learned way back from our NSTP class.

Our afternoon in Nagsasa consists of pitching our tent (although we had someone from the travel agency do that for us), cooking and strolling in the shore basking in the sun.

Curiosity was what brought us to the side of the beach where the trail is. "How do they capture those pictures in the internet? Just how can we see the majestic cove of Nagsasa?" And there, where one of the local aeta was, we found the answer.

After finding out that we were ought to pay 20 pesos, we hurriedly went back to our tent and giddily gave 20 bucks to the local. It's awesome that while you will have the best adventure of your life, you also can help the locals earn for their daily expenses.

Right from the start, we were welcomed by a complicated path. Different thoughts came to me. "Can I do this?" "What if I suffer from asthma attack up there?" "What if I step to the wrong path?" They came but I have my Sam Gamgee with me who kept on pushing me upwards. 

Step by step and hand in hand, just like Frodo and Sam, we conquered the mountain of Nagsasa. Smiles and words of luck might be a protocol in the mountains because we received such as we went up. 

We made it high enough for us to witness the wonder of the beauty that is Nagsasa. 

Awestruck by the sheer size of the view, our mouths were agape with amazement.We engulfed ourselves with the wonders of the Lord's creations and stayed there for a few minutes and let the moment and the surroundings capture our hearts.

Time passed by and we noticed a growing numbers of tourists who's on their way up so bid our goodbyes to the mountain and carefully made our way down. Going down is much harder than making our way up. We had to slide, trek with our butt on the ground and held on to each other for support. Well, most likely, I was the one who needed the support. Hah!

Twinny and I reached the beach and together with Grace and Hesi, we waited and watched the sunset.

Night came and we again busied ourselves by preparing our dinner. After filling our systems, we headed to the beach side to prepare for the bonfire. 

One of my bucket list is to have a bonfire night with my friends and I'm glad we were able to do it albeit the fact that our energies were drained. Some singing, ukulele, smores, ocean's sounds and small talks.

We hit the sack by 9 pm and woke up at 6 am. A total of 9 hours of sleeping by the beach. In the morning, we were in shock by how we had a complete sleep; a first after all of us started to be in the workforce.

After breakfast, we decided to go for a morning swim and a climb yet again for me and Denise. 

Before lunch, our time in the haven of Nagsasa finally came to a close and since we weren't able to drop by Anawangin Cove on our first day, our boatmen took us there before heading to Pundaquit.

When we got to the overly crowded Anawangin, we immediately searched for the lake where a part of Drew and Iya's prenup has taken place.

Played in the lake like we were kids and that's when Twinny's battery died on her. We then went back to the boat where other tourists who's with us are waiting and headed back home. 

This trip is probably one of the most legit and wonderful trip I ever had. The island has no presence of phone signal nor internet connection hence, we were able to really connect to each other. We were also discovered hidden strengths and weaknesses and was left amused by how we crossed out things in our imaginary bucket lists. Certainly, the memories from this escape will have a special spot in my heart.

To watch our Zambales Video Diary, click here.

P.S Credits to Denise Romero for some of the photos.

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