So long, 2015!

10:36 AM

I marked 2015 as the year where I will continue being brave — brave enough to resolve the problems life’s throwing my way, brave enough to face the unknown, brave enough to take the leap and go out my comfort zone. As I mulled over the events of my 2015, I can’t count the times when I had to remind myself over and over that I must have a lion heart; the times when I actually pulled it through and the times when I just cried myself in the corner and accepted defeat.

2015 was the year stillness yet again, the year of existential crisis, of rejection and confusion.  The year of saying yes and taking it back. Of blowing up opportunities. The year of high hopes and opening up one’s soul. Of gratitude and euphoria for celebrating 21 years. The year of travel. Of reaching new heights. Of being embraced by the mountains and of feeling the warmth of companionship. The year of doubts and never ending what ifs and what nows. Of goodbyes and see you agains. Of meeting depression face to face. Of getting out of bed with doubled effort. The year of unblooming, of inferiority and humility. Of motivation and the lack thereof. The year of embrace, of reunions and laughters. The year of love. In every kinds and forms. Of failure and standing up again and again.

Everything that has happened taught me a lot of things and I will take all that I learned with me in the new year.

2016, you will not only be another year where I will arm myself with bravery again. You will also be the year of humility, of understanding and learning. Of more goals to start and to be fulfilled. The year of cheering oneself.

Way to go, Elaine! Cheers to 2016!

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