The Long and Winding Road

12:50 AM

Patapat Viaduct

Whenever I look into my draft and see piled up backlogs, it always makes me question myself why I decided to post our Ilocos escapade per destination. I can’t even find the drive to write because it’s either I can’t find the words or I simply don’t have the drive. Most of the time, it’s the latter.

But I started it and so we will continue… Let’s go back to the 31st of October in Ilocos.

After the trek and the friend zone moment at Kabigan Falls, we went on our way to Paraiso ni Anton (Anton’s Paradise) — a sanctuary of sorts with three small waterfalls that stream down the side of a mountain right where the highway is. There’s nothing much to see and we didn’t bother to take photos because the sun was scorching. The only reason why we went out of the van was because our driver said that the cool water is believed to have a healing power (plus, we ran out of mineral water to drink).

We didn’t stay long enough as it was already time for lunch but before heading to our next location, we passed by Patapat Viaduct and took photo ops. It’s not just another highway but one of the famous tourist spots in Ilocos.

Patapat Viaduct is a construction project of the 1980s that has shortened travel time between Cagayan and Laoag City. Aside from the viaduct itself, a mini-hydro electrical power plant has also been constructed near the site of a waterfall of the Agua Grande River. 

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