Ilocos Trip Highlight: Blue Lagoon Beach Sand

Whenever you travel, there would always be a part in it that you would consider outstanding. May it be how you witnessed the sun kiss t...

Blue Lagoon Ilocos Norte 1

Whenever you travel, there would always be a part in it that you would consider outstanding. May it be how you witnessed the sun kiss the shores of the ocean in the morning, how intense you felt while zip lining 50 ft. off the ground or how you and your companion(s) made past the cops after committing an offense outside of your country.

While those are indeed wonderful scenarios to be considered as highlight, ours was different. It probably won’t top those mentioned above but it was too special for my best friend and I that it felt just right for it to be called exceptional.

What was it? Well… since a part of our travel fell on a Saturday (and because Twinny didn’t bring her pocket wifi because you know how wifi spoils the fun of travelling), we accepted the fact that we won’t be able to watch Kalyeserye. (For non-PH readers, you may click here to find out what is it) Saturday episodes are the special ones so both of us being an avid fan (#sorrynotsorry); it saddened us that we will miss it that day.

But you know how fangirls will do everything to have a dose of their fandom right?

We reached the beach in the most unenticing time to swim and just an hour before Kalyeserye. Being in the island and having nothing to do, Twinny and I embarked on our journey to fulfill our fangirl duty — the search for a television. We asked the admin of the resort, to no avail. We continued our quest and headed to the carinderias and establishments near the area and still got NOs until we saw Kuya Leo. We asked him if he knows a place that has television and that we were willing to pay. To our surprise, he generously offered us their home and even tagged us along in his tricycle. (Travel mission: Interact with the locals = UNLOCKED) ALL FOR FREE. WE WERE ABLE TO WATCH KALYESERYE IN AN ISLAND. WE WERE THE HAPPIEST FANGIRLS THAT DAY!

Blue Lagoon Ilocos Norte 2

Kuya Leo’s house was an almost 20 minute’s travel from the resort where we stayed so we giddily took videos and talked to him.  We learned that they work as a caretaker at a hotel and lodge at the far end of the beach. He showed us one of the villa and I would recommend it if ever you’d be staying in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. The villa is spacious, has an attic and the winning part: it is affordable! What a shame, I forgot the name of the hotel. L But it is located at Brgy. Malingay, the southern part of the beach and it has a small sari-sari store in front. 

Blue Lagoon Ilocos Norte 3

Blue Lagoon Ilocos Norte 4

We sat down in front of their sari-sari store and there watched Kalyeserye. There were so many gushing and giggling involved and we captured it in video but of course, it is just for our eyes to enjoy. In between commercial breaks, we managed to play with Kuya Leo’s kids and their Pomeranian dog (who almost bit me geez!). 

Blue Lagoon Ilocos Norte 5

Blue Lagoon Ilocos Norte 6

Blue Lagoon Ilocos Norte 7

Blue Lagoon Ilocos Norte 8

After the show, we bid goodbye to the local’s family and walked our way to the resort looking as if we were somewhere in the Arabian Desert with our long sleeves, scarves and the scorching sun shining brightly at us.

It was around 4 pm when we decided to go to the beach and pabebe waved (pun intended) until it was time to go.

Blue Lagoon Ilocos Norte 9

Blue Lagoon Ilocos Norte 10

Blue Lagoon Ilocos Norte 11

Blue Lagoon Ilocos Norte 12
Blue Lagoon Ilocos Norte 13

Blue Lagoon Ilocos Norte 13

Blue Lagoon Ilocos Norte 14

Blue Lagoon Ilocos Norte 15

-- END OF DAY 2 --

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