And that's where the beginning of the end... VIGAN.

We had our last lunch in Ilocos at Kusina Felicitas, a local restaurant in Vigan that offers some of the best Ilocano cuisines. Comp...

Calle Crisologo, VIGAN 1

Calle Crisologo, VIGAN 2

We had our last lunch in Ilocos at Kusina Felicitas, a local restaurant in Vigan that offers some of the best Ilocano cuisines. Compared to the local restaurants that we tried in Ilocos Norte, this one is unexpectedly affordable albeit the classy and cozy vibes. Going inside the ancestral house turned restaurant, you will be welcomed by antique furnitures, brick walls and paintings.   

We were given 2 menus: Kusina Felicitas for the main dishes and CafĂ© Uno for dessert. (I later learned that they also have a lodge upstairs called Grandpa’s Inn and a grillhouse, Uno Grille.) My best friend and I chowed down a lechon manok and to celebrate her birthday, she ordered carrot cake for dessert. Both were a feast to our mouth and stomach. 

Kusina Felicitas

Cafe Uno

Cafe Uno, VIGAN

Calle Crisologo, VIGAN 3

After lunch, we were free to roam around Calle Crisologo, a cobblestone street and a major attraction in Vigan because it is filled with preserved Spanish ancestral houses. It is also deemed as one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites here in the Philippines. 

Calle Crisologo, VIGAN 4

Calle Crisologo, VIGAN 5

Calle Crisologo, VIGAN 6

As we explore the four blocks of the cobblestone street, it was as if we were transported back to the time when the Spanish colonized our country. Calesas were running back and forth, lines of woodcrafts, antique and vintage shops, houses with sliding capiz shell windows and a few restaurants and shops. 

Calle Crisologo, VIGAN 7

Calle Crisologo, VIGAN 8

Calle Crisologo, VIGAN 9

Calle Crisologo, VIGAN 10

Calle Crisologo, VIGAN 11

Calle Crisologo, VIGAN 12

Calle Crisologo, VIGAN 13

Calle Crisologo, VIGAN 14

Calle Crisologo, VIGAN 15

Calle Crisologo, VIGAN 16

Everything was picture perfect so Twinny and I didn’t miss the opportunity to have our photos taken. We pretty much wasted our time imitating Nadine Lustre’s Calle Crisologo picture (deleted IG post). Too bad, we no Nadine. Lol

Calle Crisologo, VIGAN 17

Calle Crisologo, VIGAN 18

Calle Crisologo, VIGAN 19

Calle Crisologo, VIGAN 20

Calle Crisologo, VIGAN 21

Calle Crisologo, VIGAN 22

Did I tell you already that it was scorching hot that afternoon? No? Well, I’m telling you now. It wasn’t even summer yet at that time but the sun got no chill. After all the walking, occasional dancing and picture taking, the heat of the sun had taken its toll on me. I felt dehydrated and my throat ached badly.

At quarter to 3 pm, which was our call time, we went back to our van to rest. On our way home, I turned from a traveler to a sickling real quick. My temperature was high and I was hot (literally) due to fever. It didn’t help that our van got a problem causing 3 hours delay to our travel back home.

Our Ilocos travel ended by the generous agency driver dropping us off the NLEX exit near home and Twinny having unexpected overnight stay at my place. 

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  1. Hi! First time I came across your blog and I already fell in love with it!! You take such beautiful photos... I'm also planning to visit Vigan next month! :)

  2. Thank you so much, Anne! Enjoy Vigan! :)



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