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The Sunday Currently vol. 1

I haven’t been anywhere the past months, hence, the lack of new posts and photographs. So to keep this blog alive, let me join the bandwagon (better late than never *wink*) and start the Sunday Currently blog series!

Today, I’m currently…

READING  Triburbia by Karl Taro Greenfeld — book I randomly picked up at Booksale a few months ago because of its artsy cover — tells the story of the circumstances of a group of fathers and creatives  residing in the neighborhood of lower Manhattan, NY, Tribeca.

WRITING this blog post and an article about business blog; an assignment from the writing stint I got for an educational magazine.

LISTENING to the sound of rain, Bon Iver’s two new songs from their first album in five years (!!!) and the sound of the neighbors singing in the videoke from outside.

THINKING about life choices and surrendering them to the Lord.   
SMELLING the fresh, earthly smell brought by the rain as well as the coffee Mom just made.

WISHING for the rain not to pour down tomorrow. Commuting is such a hassle when raining and companies don’t have cancellations like schools. :’(

HOPING that the coming months will be productive and full of travels!

WEARING comfy pambahay clothes. Loose sweatshirt and shorts.

LOVING how ‘stillness’ made me more mature, responsible and emphatic. Also loving, my new pastel + minimal desktop!

WANTING to travel so bad!!!! It’s been 3 months since I went outdoors and I already miss it. God knows how I am itching to pack my bags and go on adventure with my girlfriends (whom I also miss a lot!!!). Oh, let’s not forget my insatiable hunger for a bucket of chickenjoy. 

FEELING cozy in bed while cuddling with Tasha, my two year old shih tzu. <3 

The Sunday Currently was started by Siddha Thornton.

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  1. I've been itching to travel too!! Nothing fancy. Just within the Philippines would do. Here's to hoping! <3

  2. I miss doing this blog series! Me wants to have to lots of travels too. Hopefully to Japan this November. That is if my visa gets approved!

    Always, Arianne

    1. Hoping your visa gets approved! Looking forward to your Japan blog posts! :)