Life Lately Through My OPPO F1S Lens

7:57 PM

It’s no news that I’m prone to being constantly stuck in a blogging rut. It’s not like there’s nothing interesting happening to me but instead, these days I prefer to lay my musings inside my journal instead of publishing it here. There are actually a lot of fascinating and wearisome things and events that have happened in my life but some are just way too personal and words have been selfish. There are times when I did try composing something worth sharing but I always end up staring at the blinking cursor in front of me.

One of the outstanding news about me though is that I’ve been chosen by Nuffnang as one of the lucky bloggers who’ll own a unit of the much hyped OPPO F1S. For a month now, I’ve been trying to explore its wonders and it still hasn’t disappointed me so far. Tagged as the Selfie Expert, of course, what I focused on is the performance of its camera. Hence, a post about bits and pieces of what has been along with an exhibit of some photos captured using it.

So just in case you’ve been wondering what I was up to lately, here it is.

Random and unexpected date with the bro

Bored because of the semester break, my brother asked me if he can come with me in picking up the unit at Nuffang's HQ. It was my first time tagging my not so little brother along in the streets of the Metro and I quite enjoyed it. We give the OPPO F1s a run and I treated him for a lunch. 

New Workplace and New People

I recently moved to a new workplace. The company being just 30 minutes away from me saves me from the insanity that is the Metro Manila traffic. Accompanied of course by it are new people from different walks of life. We are still in the getting to know you stage but I am enjoying their company — too much that I often go home with my jaw and stomach aching because of the never ending laughing (well, if you know me, you know how easy it is to make me laugh. so yep). Work itself is pretty awesome. I've discovered recruitment in a new light and there are pile of things to learn but the team has been nothing but of great help and that makes me so damn grateful. 

(Also, they tolerate my knack for papicture-pang-IG-lang-kaartehan. SO. THANK. YOU. VERY. MUCH. YOU. GUYS lol)

Meet up with my girlfriends! ♥ 

Can’t believe it was almost a year since we last saw each other! Though some of our girls are busy, the three of us managed to squeeze in a little bonding over the weekend. We feast ourselves with the unli Samgyeopsal while giving each other life and kdrama (lol) updates in the newly opened Korean buffet restaurant, MOKJA! in Maginhawa. Ahh, how I miss these crazies! 

Taken at night with minimal light. Quite impressive, F1S!

Spending an afternoon in a nearby park and third wheeling (lol). 

Apart from being stuck in the blogging rut, I’ve also been uninspired lately. I haven’t been reading, I’m not practicing my art, nothing. Plain work-home-work routine that left me staggering. My officemate, Ghie asked me to take photos of her and her beau for their 10th anniversary so we headed to Eco Park and when I say I was living the awful work-home-work routine that also means not being able to check the health of my camera and bland photo outcomes (Sorry, Ghie and Jayson!). I’ve been out of it lately and that afternoon made me realize of how much effort I should put if I really want this.

Life lately has been a combination of the familiar and the uncomfortable but I am managing to dance along with the both of them. I am beyond grateful with the self-discoveries, failure and success I've gotten myself into. Way To Go, Elaine. Way to go!

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  1. Taray Twinny! Bet bet everything. What a nice blog ^^ Missing you and hopefully experience Oppo F1S soon >:))

  2. Taray Twinny! Bet bet everything. What a nice blog ^^ Missing you and hopefully experience Oppo F1S soon >:))

  3. Taray Twinny! Bet bet everything. What a nice blog ^^ Missing you and hopefully experience Oppo F1S soon >:))

  4. Thank, twinny! Missing you lots!!! See you soon!!

  5. Love all your pictures! Hope I can try and experience an Oppo F1s as well! :)

    By the way, maybe you'd like to be a Affiliate? :) Kindly check out if interested! ;)

    1. I haven't been updated lately and I just saw this today. I'm sorry.

      Were you able to get yours? Hihi, though there's a new Oppo model now.

      Will definitely check out! :)