On Finding The One

1:21 PM

Way To Go Elaine

I just turned 23 this month and one of the questions people my age (or even the younger ones) ask is “Who will be the one for me?”. Almost everyday I see my Facebook newsfeed with posts about someone’s musings about love although it’s not always glitters and rainbows because I also see rants from those who are bitter.

Everyone of us have different ideals. Maybe you want someone who share the same belief as you, who can sing well, who has the same taste in music as you, who are sporty or even those who can make geometry so easy – the subject that you had to retake during college.

I admit, I, myself ask the same question sometimes. Even though I am enjoying the season of single blessedness, I cannot help but ask, out of all the billion people God created,  who’s the one He saved for me?

But while my wait for the man He intends for me continues, my quest in finding the one for me ends here. “The One” came in the form of Sony A5000.

My love for photography started when I got to own a film camera from a famous fast-food chain and since then I was blessed to upgrade from my phone and handy dandy digital camera (which was a Sony too!) to my current gear, a DSLR. But life is just so fast-paced and carrying a bulky DSLR sometimes get in the way. The rise of mirrorless cameras made everyone choose the comfortable photography journey and I wish to have that comfort too.

The A500 is the one whom I’ve been waiting for to be with me through thick and thin because it possess the quality that I’ve been looking. It is a love at first sight.

Way To Go Elaine, Sony A500

But more than the appearance, what matters most is what it can offer. Aside from its convenience being such a lightweight adventure companion, it also boasts a 20.1 megapixel with built-in wifi and Bionz-x processor. 

Way To Go Elaine, Sony A500

It has an easy zoom lever that'll help you capture the cutie you spotted in a cafe, a super solid grip - in case you can't contain your excitement when he finally notice you and a built-in flash - should you choose to capture one last photo of him when he offer to walk you to the dimly lit parking lot where your car is.  

Way To Go Elaine, Sony A5000

It will also give you an opportunity to be creative with its different picture effects and creative exposure mode. And that cutie you saw at the cafe? Well, you can instantly rave about him by sending photos of him to your squad group chat.  

Way To Go Elaine, Sony A5000 speciffications specs

And the awesomeness of it all, the quality of its photo and videos will surely knock you off your feet.

Watch the video below and fall in love.  

And when you see it, you will know. You will know that you are destined to be together. 

You are the one indeed,  A5000.

Credits: www.sony.com.ph for the A5000 photos and information,  Tom Twist and IAMFE for the videos. 

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