2017 IN ABCs

A - admiration. for the unconditional love that was given and received. for courage in every nook and cranny. B - bravery. for show...

Elaine Vidal | Way To Go Elaine

A - admiration. for the unconditional love that was given and received. for courage in every nook and cranny.
B - bravery. for showing up even when it is the hardest. for conquering every challenge. 
C - cancer. stage IIIA rectal. the unexpected guest. the one that came along with us from 2 months prior. 
D - death. for meeting it face to face thru your Mother. for anxiously waiting for it because she said she no
      longer want to resist it.
E - eternal life. for finally learning its true meaning. 
F - faith. the deeper one. the one that even your past self cannot imagine. of being still and fully trusting that He
     is God without questions and struggle; family and friendship. for the undying support. 
G - generosity. for family who are willing to just give and provide without expecting anything in return.
H - hospitals. for white walls who witnessed and heard silent cries and prayers of healing. for doctors and
      nurses who are kind enough to cure, most especially to care. for being told she only has 12-24 months to
      live. for enduring the never-ending needles of all kinds and sizes. for being our second home.
I - interests. for putting everything at halt. for not writing (hence this rough entry) and for picking up the camera
    with no plans of having any creative output. for choosing to stay at home instead of setting foot to new
J - juxtaposition. the other was warm while the other was sometimes cold.
K - Korea and everything about it.
L - love. that even in her death bed she said she doesn't want to be a burden; laughters. the hearty ones.
M - mama. for being a warrior and fighting cancer with her eyes and heart wide open. for overcoming it and for
      that last meal that you shared hours before her last breath. for missing her sometimes (most often than not)
       it hurts.
N - new people. the ones whom you never expected. those who value you as much as you value them.
O - organic. not only in terms of food but in relationships. of any kind. of how it is okay to let go when it no
      longer feels like one.
P - Papa and Pj. now it is just the three of us.
Q - queue. for waiting for your turn. for putting everything in order.
R - ray of light, the one that you aim to be. when the clouds are gray and to keep the darkness at bay.  
S - sacrifice. for having little to no sleep; self-love. for learning to love what is holy in you and for learning to
     love what is not.
T - time. how fast it flies and how little of it do we have.
U - unbecoming. of being harsh. of being worn out.
V - victory. because inspite of death, there was a life well-lived. a soul so beautiful it is only fitting to be in the arms 
      of the Lord with no pain and exhaustion.
W - wishes. words. the last ones. "Laine, pumili ka nang matino ha.", she said.
X - XI · XXVII · MMXVII, 4:27pm.
Y - yesterdays. the ones that we will always look back on. 
Z - zealous. for practicing being one. for choosing enthusiasm over mediocrity. always. 

Au Revoir, 2017. You've been tough.

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