The constant moving of the bed woke me up. This has been the third time.  "Sally might be having a hard time adjusting",  I...

Masasa Beach 1

The constant moving of the bed woke me up. This has been the third time. "Sally might be having a hard time adjusting", I thought to myself. 

We've been awake for more than 24 hours before finally calling it a day. Maybe that's why she has been relentlessly shifting from both sides of the bed to figure out what is the best position that'll put her into deep slumber.

Having felt that sleep won't come anytime soon, I tried to recall the day that has been.

We left the office directly after our shifts (and almost after a month of bugging (lol) from Johnny who made sure the trip will push through). Despite having an unpredictable weather for the past few days, we took the bus and off to Batangas Grand Terminal we went. This time sky was welcoming enough and the sun managed to bid hello albeit shyly. 

Going to Batangas was quite a long journey as we encountered bad traffic (so bad that we found ourselves using a local’s restroom because our bladder can’t hold on any longer) along SLEX due to a serious road accident. From Batangas Grand Terminal, we hopped on a jeepney that took us to Anilao port and from there we spent the next hour traveling by boat.

It was passed 5:00 pm when we reached Tingloy. We barely managed to find the transient house that we are going to stay but thankfully, the locals know Kuya Eric — the caretaker. The transient is quite far from the beach area and from the boat’s drop off point so we had to take a tricycle going there.

We missed the time to enjoy the beach during the sunset but we’ve had the most beautiful view nonetheless. We settled in the transient house and prepared for dinner. The group opted to visit the local market in Anilao port and cook on our own. A fairly nice decision if I may say except when I epically fail the rice (I swear I know how to cook rice don’t judge me).

After dinner, we chose to hit the sheets to rest.  

(an excerpt from my journal written at the dawn of November 05, 2017 while still in Masasa)


We woke up early the next day and headed to the beach via boat. We pretty much beached bummed and took advantage of the peace the morning has. By 11am, the group decided to go back to the transient to prepare our things and to have lunch. We left Masasa at 1pm.

We didn’t see Masasa that much but I can say that it is a good place to unwind that is just near Manila and if you’re on a tight budget like us. *wink* 

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