LIWLIWA: Of Dancing Waves, Sleepless Days and Laughters

It’s already my second time traveling with the so called “ Team Tokhang ” (why the group is called that way only Johnny will know), a t...

Liwliwa 1

It’s already my second time traveling with the so called “Team Tokhang” (why the group is called that way only Johnny will know), a team that consists of 8 boys and 4 girls who just want to forget the stress brought by a week of dealing with tons of candidates and recruitment works. The first was when we went to Masasa, Batangas last November.

While Masasa was not a remarkable experience for me, mainly because of all the feels I felt — it was my first time traveling with a large group, hence the introverted me felt drained by week long human interaction so there were times when I felt disconnected, I still had fun nonetheless and decided to join them again this time in Liwliwa, San Felipe, Zambales.

Liwliwa 2

I am not new to Zambales and its magnificent way of capturing one’s heart. With its gorgeous views that’ll leave anyone in awe, it is certainly hard not to fall in love and not to come back into its welcoming arms. The last time I went, we traveled at the crack of dawn so I wasn’t able to see the view on our way. This time though, we went directly after our shifts so we were able to marvel in the beauty that only a powerful God can create. We passed through endless paddies and the majestic trail going to Pinatubo (I’d like to assume that it was really the trail to Pinatubo).

Liwliwa 3

Liwliwa 14

Liwliwa 15

Liwliwa 16

Numerous stop-over and laughters — brought by the boys’ fascination (well, not really) with anything ExB — later, we reached Liwliwa just in time for lunch.

We stayed at Kapitan’s Liwa, a quaint and budget-friendly hostel that is just a few walks from the beachfront.

Upon settling in, we went on our way to hunt for a place to eat and our feet brought us to Mommy Phoebe’s Place. I can commend everything in Liwa except for its food. The prices don’t give justice to the quality and quantity of meals which is sad.

During our whole stay, we just beach-bummed (much to my delight), surfed (Kuya Fides and Marvin) took endless photos and shared random stories. Although we weren’t able to catch a striking view of the sunset, we still witnessed the sun bidding goodbye and boy was it perfect.

Kapitan Liwa, Liwliwa 1

Kapitan Liwa, Liwliwa 2

Kapitan Liwa, Liwliwa 3

Kapitan Liwa, Liwliwa 4

Kapitan Liwa, Liwliwa 5
Our second day started earlier than expected. I wasn’t able to catch plenty of sleep despite being awake for 24 hours the day prior and because the room doesn’t have blankets for us to combat the cold. Next thing I know, I am greeting Sally a good morning with tissues stuck inside my nose because I kept on sneezing.

Liwliwa 17

Liwliwa 18

Liwliwa 19

Liwliwa 20

By 5am, we were sharing packs of pancit canton for breakfast and sipping coffee while throwing endless banters under the array of pine trees.

This moment, right here, will be one of my favorite”, I said to myself.

There’s just so much promise that the morning holds and it was amazing how we started our day laughing our asses off. It’s liberating to see the sky shift from the darkness of dawn to the rays of sunlight with your heart feeling full.

There are a lot of things Zambales has to offer — discovering Liwa is such a dream — but more than the good company, dancing waves and sky high pine trees, I am thankful for its capability to heal. Healing comes in waves, they said. I am not fully there yet but I am willing to be washed away.

Liwliwa 21

My dear, Zambales, wait for me to come back.

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  1. "Healing comes in waves, they said. I am not fully there yet but I am willing to be washed away." -- love this! :)



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