Of Faith and Arts: IKEA House, Huasan 1914 and Every Nation Taipei

If you personally know me, it is no secret that I have a penchant for anything that is related to the arts and with the Lord. If you wo...

Huashan 1914

If you personally know me, it is no secret that I have a penchant for anything that is related to the arts and with the Lord. If you would ask me who my most favorite artist is, it would be Him — the one who created the heavens and the earth hence on our second day, aside from chasing cherry blossoms, we allotted time to immense ourselves with art and to visit the international counterpart of Victory Church, Every Nation. 


Huashan 1914 1

When I was looking for places to visit when we were planning for our Taiwan trip, I came across Huashan 1914 Creative Park. Originally built as wine producing factory in 1941, it now serves as a creative space where a lot of local and indie artists gather for exhibits, arts and crafts bazaar and mini concerts. Upon entering the park, you will see traces of its past as it boasts an impressive industrial aesthetic that gives that grungey-indie-hippy vibes. It totally made my red dress and beret outfit out of place. 

There are a lot of cafes and restaurants around the area but unfortunately, we weren’t able to try any as we were looking into having a late lunch and dinner at Raohe Night Market (after failing to dine in at IKEA House). It is also because of hunger and exhaustion that we chose not to explore the area’s nook and crannies (hence the lack of photos). We were only able to visit a few shops that sells beautiful pieces of crafts and souvenirs. We also chanced upon the exhibit of Makoto Shinkai, a Japanese director and animator. A few of my favorite movies of his are Your Name, 5 Centimeters per Second and The Garden of Words. Had I known about his exhibit ahead of time, I would’ve included it in my budget. *sobs*

Huashan 1914 Creative Park

IKEA House Taipei 1

A block away from Huashan 1914 is the IKEA House. If you are a fan of this famous Swedish furniture brand that houses quintessential Scandinavian style, then you must find dining in at IKEA House a one of a kind experience. It is different from the usual humongous IKEA stores. It is a 4-story building with the showroom and restaurant combined concept. I believe the idea is for the customers to feel like they’re just eating at home. The whole place has all that cozy feels it will make you wish it is your own apartment. 

IKEA House Taipei 2

IKEA House Taipei 3

We weren't able to tour the whole building because it was jam-packed the time we got there. Too bad our plan to have our late lunch didn't push through. Looking into the bright side though, it now serves as one of my ultimate reasons to come back to Taipei. 

IKEA House Taipei Menu

Huashan 1914

Huashan 1914 and IKEA House are walking distance from Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station on the blue line. 


Every Nation Taipei

Being a part of the Every Nation campus ministry here in the Philippines, one of Jez's goals when we were planning our itinerary is to visit Every Nation Taipei and because I attend the same church as hers, it is with great delight that I agreed (along with Joe) that we pay it a visit. 

As the night bid hello, we learned (thru Google) that it is already closed but we still pushed through. We had a hard time finding it because our pocket Wi-Fi died on us so we pretty much relied on the vicinity’s free Wi-Fi. There were a lot of aimless walking and we even got soaked in the rain but God is good He made me remember that I downloaded an offline map of Taiwan. Well, we discovered that we should’ve just headed straight upon exiting the MRT station. 

Every Nation Taipei 1

Way To Go Elaine

Way To Go Elaine

Because it is already closed, we just stayed and rested a bit. Maybe on my next visit I’ll be granted a chance to attend a service there or even an opportunity to volunteer. Only God knows when that’ll be but it will be an honor if something like that happens. 

After a few snaps here and there and after resting our abused feet, we continued our journey. This time we were off to a gastronomic adventure. To Raohe Night Market we go.  

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