SWEET SPRING: Cherry Blossoms Viewing at
Yangmingshan National Park

 “ Traveling with friends is a test of friendship ”, I heard some say. And a test it is indeed.  We started our second day pouring our ...

 “Traveling with friends is a test of friendship”, I heard some say. And a test it is indeed. 

We started our second day pouring our hearts out in our hostel’s common area. We’ve had our fair share of miscommunications on our first day that resulted to some confusion and misunderstanding but by God’s grace; we were able to settle things with open hearts and minds.

In our original itinerary, we were supposed to be in a train bound to Taichung by 7am. But because of things that we weren’t able to foresee (a.k.a we pretty much spent half of our pocket money for pasalubongs and food on our first day), we decided to just focus on exploring what Taipei can offer.

After trying Taipei’s Mcdonalds for breakfast, we then headed to Yangmingshan National Park for cherry blossoms viewing. To go there, you may ride the MRT from the main station and alight at Jiantan Station. From Jiantan Staion, walk to the left-side bus station where you may take either city bus R5 or small bus S15 or S17. The transportation system in Taiwan is so efficient, it is putting Manila's to shame.

Taipei Mcdonalds

Jiantan Station

There’s no entrance fee at Yangmingshan but you have to pay the bus fare – using easycard - if you opt not to explore it by foot.

Upon reaching the park, you’ll be welcomed by the smell of stinky tofu (yet again) and variety of street foods.

Yangmingshan National Park 1

Yangmingshan National Park 2

We continued our walk until we reached the area where the cherry blossoms are! Growing up on a country that has only two seasons, imagine our hearts leaping with joy when the beautiful pinky tree flashed in front of our very eyes. No wonder everybody loves Spring! Such a sweet season it is.

Yangmingshan National Park 3

Yangmingshan National Park 4

Yangmingshan National Park 5

Yangmingshan National Park 6

Yangmingshan National Park 7

Yangmingshan National Park 8

Yangmingshan National Park 9

Yangmingshan National Park 10

Yangmingshan National Park 11

Yangmingshan National Park 12

To quote Rainer Maria Rilke, “It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”

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